Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bully NCAA Picks on the Little Guys

Temple has lost 12 in a row — the second-longest losing streak in the nation behind New Mexico State's 13 — finished 0-11 in 2005, had 30 players use their final season of eligibility and now — now! — the NCAA announces that it will penalize the Owls nine scholarships for failing to meet academic progress rate standards. Ha! Don't pick on the big boys, NCAA head honcho Myles Brand. Why not kick sand in the face of the 90-pound runt of college football to prove that the governing body really is tough on academics (meanwhile, the star quarterback for the national champions just bombed on the Wonderlic). Temple, which is 38-151 the past 16 seasons and will have only 76 scholarships in 2006, blamed its mess on former coach Bobby Wallace, who chose to mine the junior college ranks for talent, apparently none of it very good — or smart. You can't help but think that new coach Al Golden, above, the former Virginia assistant, probably regrets taking the job. Other teams that lost scholarships: New Mexico State (six), Toledo (six), Hawaii (five), Middle Tennessee (five), Western Michigan (five), Buffalo (three) and Northern Illinois (two).

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Zach Landres-Schnur said...

this just screams myles brand. the weak get weaker and the strong get, ugh, dumber?