Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oklahoma State Is Now Boone State

You don't get filthy rich like Boone Pickens without pissing some people off. Maybe a lot of people (see last graph of bio). Pickens' $165 million donation to Oklahoma State athletics isn't going over well with some Cowboy faithful. The site BooneState.com takes plenty of jabs at the relationship between Pickens and university president David Schmidly. To use the words of the Oklahoman, "Pickens is depicted with devil horns, while 'Schmid' is at his biggest booster's beck and call." The men behind the site (you can see who owns the site through godaddy.com) have a method behind their madness. According to the site, Oklahoma State has announced that they would be taking 410 homes north of campus to make space for an athletic village. The university has declared that they will deal with these homeowners by using their position of eminent domain. My, how neighborly. ... Well, it turns out that one of the men involved in the Boone State site happens to be one of the homeowners. We wish him luck, but in this case, our money is on Boone State because it has more of it (some registration).

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