Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What's in Your Wallet?

Look at the bright side. At least some of the money you were forking over last summer for gasoline will find its way to the college gridiron. Mega-rich Boone Pickens, who has made a good share of his wealth in oil, just gave Oklahoma State $165 million in cash. Don't worry, he still has plenty in the bank. It only about 10% of his net worth and with the deduction he can now claim, Pickens will get a hefty refund check. What could you do with $165 million? It's more than the value of at least 20 of the teams in the NHL or six of the teams in Major League Baseball. Or you could buy 41 minutes of advertising during Super Bowl XXXV. Better yet, you could pay for Stanford lap dances. ... Pickens, who is 77 and an OSU alum, now has given at least $251 million to Oklahoma State in the past decade (video) His donations to Oklahoma State rank second in gifts to a public university. The Walton Family (Wal-Mart) has given $300 million to Arkansas (registration).

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