Thursday, January 12, 2006

An In-Your-Face Approach to USC Fans

This is either the biggest scam in the history of the Internet or a stroke of genius. The site says it wants to set the record straight: USC was not going for three national titles in a row in last week's Rose Bowl. At least not officially. The BCS title — the one that is the recognized championship — was won two years ago by LSU. USC won the Associated Press title in 2003 and the BCS title in 2004. Believe us, it's a sore subject in Louisiana. So Onepeat is collecting donations to purchase billboard space on a high-traffic road near the USC campus (hopefully within view of the 110 freeway). The estimated cost of completing this project is $10,000, and since the site went up about four days ago, nearly $2,000 has been donated. If enough funds are raised, several billboards will be put up, including one outside of ESPN's headquarters in Bristol, Conn. Proceed at your own risk, and thanks to reader John for giving us the tip!

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