Sunday, October 21, 2007

Connecticut's Unfair Catch

There were several interesting calls made by Big East officials in the past few days, but nothing tops what happened Friday night at East Hartford. The Huskies' Larry Taylor clearly waves his hand to signal for a fair catch, then takes off down the sideline for a 74-yard touchdown return as Louisville players watch. Because this was considered a judgment call, that part of the play is considered non-reviewable.

This is an interesting stance and doesn't seem consistent with what happened Thursday night in the South Florida-Rutgers game, when replay officials overturned the return of a blocked field goal for a touchdown after it was determined that the Bulls' Tyrone McKenzie was guilty of an illegal forward pass on the play (judgment call?). Replays (we are still looking for one to post) seemed to indicate the ball may have been punched from McKenzie's hand.

The play would have given South Florida a 24-10 lead. Instead, it helped turn momentum in Rutgers' favor, and the Scarlet Knights would beat the Bulls, 30-27.

Update: We found video of the South Florida play, although it is only part of the play:


crystian ram said...

Sean McDonough is awesome. Unlike most announcers, at least he says what he believes id the truth.

Anonymous said...

If he had "played through the whistle", he would have gotten an unsportsmanlike penalty for hitting the receiver.