Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Nasty, Nasty Cheapie on LSU's Dorsey

This is about as cheap as it gets. Auburn lineman Chaz Ramsey chop blocks Louisiana State's Glenn Dorsey during Saturday night's game in Baton Rouge. This is really nasty and we're happy to report that Dorsey is OK. This play could have cost the projected top-five pick millions in the NFL draft.

Thanks to Seth for sending this along. A reminder that we are looking for candidates for the cheapest shots of the year. This is a video-only category, and at then end of the season, we put the finalists up for vote. Here is a link to the 2006 cheapies.


Unknown said...

As Auburn fan I agree that this was not a cool thing to do; but later in the game LSU did the same thing to one of Auburn's lineman.

Anonymous said...

Really? Then post your proof. This was a dirty, flagrant, cheap shot by two freshmen offensive linemen who were getting owned by Dorsey most of the game to that point.

Anonymous said...

Tuberville at Auburn is much more dirty than Terry Bowden ever thought about being - and that's saying a lot. Tubs is a weasel, a cheater, a liar, and a smartass. Worst of all, he sounds just like Bobby Bowden in interviews when asked about his controversial plays and games. The guy is full of sh!t.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how people who don't know the game just make a comment about anything. Anyone care to get the real story? Well, if you do, here it is:

1. It is not illegal for 2 players to block low on a DL.

2. It is not illegal for 2 players to block high on a DL>

3. It IS ILLEGAL for one player to block high and one to block low.

Thus, this was a penalty.

Chaz Ramsey's responsibility on the play was to pick up a stunting/blitzing LB, then block low on Dorsey if no LB was in play.

His teammate was supposed to block low on Dorsey to begin with. Ramsey's teammate missed the call and blocked high, thus, when Ramsey turns to complete the assignment, he commits a flagrant error. If you watch closely, Ramsey turns and blocks, he does not turn, consider the action, and then block.

It was an error on the other lineman and Ramsey is the dawg in the situation.

Because those who ACTUALLY KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THE GAME realize this, no comment was made by Les Miles or the LSU coaching staff. It was an extremely unfortunate error.