Monday, January 08, 2007

Erin Andrews, Version 2.0

Quite a dangerous mission that Brad of The 12th Manchild recently completed. He attended the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, then risked life and limb by smuggling this photo of the lovely Erin Andrews (click on it for a larger view) across numerous state lines. He posted it on his fine blog, along with other shots of the game — including another of Andrews — then sent word that his mission was complete. You can check out all of his shots from the Holiday Bowl, including the second shot of Andrews, by clicking here. Now you've seen Andrews featured here before, and we hope to feature her again. But to do so, we need your help. So if you have something to share with our audience, please send it to dawizofodds (at)


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

wow. just wow...glad The 12th Manchild got some good out of that game, because watching with my Cal alum parents, well, not a whole lot for A&M to cheer about. except for andrews' ass of course. everyone can cheer about that.

Anonymous said...

I certianly would love to squeeze that ass.