Sunday, May 07, 2006

Did USC Attorney Call It Quits?

Despite appearances, not everybody gets accepted to USC. At least that appears to be the case for the daughter of super-attorney Carmen Trutanich, who was retained so frequently by troubled Trojan players that the NCAA and Pacific 10 eventually conducted an investigation into his role with the team. No wrongdoing was found, and it was expected Trutanich would be retained by quarterback Mark Sanchez, who recently was arrested on sexual assault charges. But Sanchez pulled a stunner by hiring Leonard Levine, a UCLA graduate. L.A. Daily News reporter Scott Wolf may have uncovered the reason Trutanich is not representing Sanchez. Wolf reports on his blog that Trutanich is upset that his daughter did not get accepted to USC and, as a result, will no longer represent Trojan players. Wolf did ask Trutanich for his opinion on the case against Sanchez. "From what I'm hearing from people, it looks like a weak case," he said. Trutanich previously represented Trojans' Herschel Dennis and Eric Wright in sexual assault cases.

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Jim said...

Since USC lost 2 football scholarship the 2001 fraud of tutors writing their term papers, we know the NCAA will close this recent Bush, Leinart, et al incidents quietly without action - otherwise they fall into the Death Penalty for
repeat violator status.......!!!!!