Friday, May 05, 2006

USC's Sanchez Hires UCLA Attorney

So what is a Trojan to do when they get in trouble? Call a Bruin, no less. That is the route chosen by USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, who was arrested last week on suspicion of sexual assault. His attorney is Leonard Levine, a UCLA graduate who acknowledged writing several letters to the L.A. Times critical of coach Karl Dorrell and former basketball coach Steve Lavin. But Levine's name also appeared on a letter published on April 23, 2005, after the district attorney's office, citing insufficient evidence, did not file sex- or drug-related charges against former USC cornerback Eric Wright. It read: "Let's see, UCLA football players are arrested for drunk driving and handicapped-parking offenses, and are prosecuted and convicted. USC players are arrested on suspicion of rape, with 136 illegal pills in their apartment, and no charges are filed. Not only does USC have better players, it has better lawyers! It's almost like, if you went to USC, you can get away with anything." Levine told the paper he did not write the letter and that it was penned by a friend who signed his name to it as a joke without him knowing. "It's clever, but it's not me," he said. ... OK then. And we all know that attorneys can be trusted. ... Not all the news appears bad for the Trojans. The L.A. Daily News, citing sources, reports that at least two witnesses have emerged that could give statements viewed favorable toward Sanchez's defense. And the Bruins have their own problems. Linebacker John Hale and defensive lineman Jess Ward pleaded not guilty to a felony count of assault for an incident that occurred over two months ago.

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