Monday, August 04, 2008

Why SEC Officials Are Running Scared

Think you're smarter than Southeastern Conference officials? Try taking this 23-question exam given recently to league officials. The average score was 93%. The officials say the score counts for 25% of their end-of-season evaluation.

And then there is the fitness test, highlighted by a 1.5-mile run. Officials must reach certain times based on their age, with slower times needed as they get older. Umpires, who tend to be physically larger, get an extra minute to make their time.

Umpire Wally Hough, a 50-year-old, 275-pound man, has to complete the run in under 16 minutes. Failing to meet or beat the time means your season is over before it starts.

"It's something you dream about to be in the SEC, and you look forward to it every year," Hough said. "And one year it can all be gone."

Thanks to Image of Sport.

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