Monday, August 18, 2008


Reason No. 999 that the only poll that matters is the last one. Florida was picked by media covering the Southeastern Conference to not only win the SEC East over Georgia, but the league title as well. Yet the Bulldogs were voted No. 1 in the Associated Press and USA Today/Coaches poll. Explain that to us. Another reason we don't pay attention to polls. Thanks to Sam for the Gator poster schedule.


Anonymous said...

The national polls should be based on who the voters think the best teams are, not on who they think has the best chance of going undefeated. The SEC poll is based on who the media thinks will win, so many chose Florida over Georgia because Georgia has a tougher schedule even though they may agree that Georgia is more talented. Its really not complicated.

BeachGaBulldog said...

All I know is last year we kicked the sorry ass Gators around, had a great endzone celebration, and made Teblowjob cry.