Thursday, August 14, 2008

Saban and Alabama: Top Dollar, 'Top Gear'

Rarely are "Forbes Magazine" and "Alabama" mentioned in the same breath, but the respected business and finance magazine has just named Nick Saban "the most powerful coach in sports."

Saban has an eight-year contract worth a guaranteed $32 million. To put this in perspective, compare your paycheck to Saban's through the Birmingham News' handy salary calculator.

But how, we ask, can a state whose residents rank among the lowest per capita income afford to pay Saban top dollar?

We hope to find an answer from a trip into this dangerous American back-country by members of the BBC show "Top Gear." Thanks to Deep South Sports.


Anonymous said...

Alabama is 38th in annual income.

That's not good, but it's not really "among the lowest" either. Louisiana and Oklahoma, which are much lower, have higher-paid head coaches.

Anonymous said...

Top Gear is an amazing show, but that one episode almost lost this viewer.

Driving through the south with crap painted on your car that's obviously there to cause a reaction - then they assume that reaction occurred only because southerners are idiot rednecks... no good.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, once they crossed over into Mississippi or Georgia, it was all good.

How dumb. Let's bait the less educated.

If it wasn't clear that this was a blatant attempt to get this sort of reaction, the "rednecks" probably would have helped them jump their car.