Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trojan and Bruin 'Rewind' Are No More

If you're a fan of USC or UCLA, nothing beat the Fox-produced "Rewind." The shows recapped the previous week's games in a unique format using behind-the-scenes footage and radio calls to describe the action. A sample from last year's USC-Notre Dame game in South Bend is included with the post.

But all good things come to an end.

"FSN has reformatted and combined some of those shows ... instead of the rewind, coach's press conference and gauntlet shows, FSN will do a weekly Monday live hour-long show about USC and UCLA football/all sports, alternating broadcast sites between campuses," writes USC sports information director Tim Tessalone.

Bad ratings are said to be behind the dropping of "Rewind." While Trojan and Bruin fans can't agree on much, I suspect they would be united in saying that any replacement programming won't come close to "Rewind."

Thanks to H.T.

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Wagon said...

It sucks an awesome show is going off the air, but I'm in favor of anything that prevents Brennan Carroll from ever opening his mouth on television/youtube ever again.