Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

The gang at Spartan Thunder went on the hunt for a San Jose State poster and found out the school is not producing one. So they took it upon themselves to produce their own. They write: "It does have a few spelling errors, and is not perfect, but at least we now have a schedule!"

Update: Mark of Spartan Thunder has sent us a final version of his poster, minus the spelling errors.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting our schedule poster!

Kind of silly that the University did not produce one, and word on the SpartanThunder.com message board is that Coach Dick Tomey was not pleased at the lack of a schedule poster as well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the fellas at SpartanThunder.com for the poster!

How do I get a copy?

Dedicated Spartn fans over there, and not sure how they find the time to keep it going!

Nice job-

Blogmike said...

nice job by spartanthunder! i went to the davis and nevada games at spartan stadium last season (bought season tix so my group could be up front) and there are definitely some great die hard fans down in san jose. nice 6 game home schedule this year too!