Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Nevada's eye-catching poster was sent by Aaron. It's an usual shape and unfortunately doesn't play well on our template, but you can click the image and get an enlarged view.

Enough of our yakkin'. Let's see what reviewers Mike and Mike from S.F. have to say:


"Talk about striking. My eye was instantly drawn to the wolf's eye. Overall this is a nice, clean look and distinctive poster. There is never any doubt that you are looking into the eye of a wolf. I also like the reflection of the players in the wolf's eye. The use of colors are great — white for the wolf and most of the players in home blues. It also does a nice job of using the shadowed colors on the bottom. Overall, a menacing look, like this is a dangerous team.

"The only downside is the copy used at the top; it takes from the power of the images. Plus what's with that 'stay true' logo. Stay true to what? Is defection to other schools a big issue? This text adds nothing, in fact it detracts from the images."

Mike from S.F.:

"Last year's Nevada poster evoked the skyline of downtown Reno, including the National Bowling Stadium, the Taj Mahal of tenpins. This year's poster is more intimidating and inspiring, with the eye of the wolf top and center and a rowdy Wolf Pack crowd at the bottom. It's unclear what to interpret from the man in the checkered shirt; perhaps a bagger from sponsor Scolari's coming straight from work?

"The featured home game is a Sept. 6 contest against Texas Tech, the first time a Big 12 team has traveled to Reno. The pistol vs. the spread should make for entertaining TV."


Anonymous said...

Ugh, Texas Tech does not run the Run and Shoot.

dawizofodds said...

Correction noted. Thanks for that Aaron.

Blogmike said...

Ugh, you're right - it should have said "Run and Shoot derivative"

Pleasanton Tom said...

Mike from S.F.'s punditry is fantastically on the mark and very well crafted. I hope I get to watch the Pack with him at a Castro sports lounge because I know him well, and he is as hunky as he is articulate.

Drew said...

Nobody is stating the obvious error of showing a large group of rowdy fans at a Nevada game. Without strong opponent fan bases...that stadium would never be filled.