Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ball State

Ball State of the Mid-American Conference is next up on our tour of poster schedules. This poster was sent by Joseph, and the Wiz will be handling the first part of the review:

The Cardinals take a straightforward approach to their design, with a layout resembling a Quark snap-to-grid template. OK, the color-coded schedule at the bottom is functional, the text is readable and there is a certain balance to the piece, but overall this effort lacks the pizazz needed to make it stand out among our crowded field of poster schedules.

Simply put, there are many spectacular posters out there. This is not one of them.

Here is Mike's review:

"What do you do when you don't have recognizable players, an iconic coach or notable tradition? These were the challenges facing Ball State on this year's poster schedule.

"I can live with the large image of the stadium, but layering the Cardinal over the top makes it appear that the bird is a ghost floating above the stadium. Maybe the idea is that visiting teams will be haunted by failure. Whatever.

"The images in the middle — one is of a fan holding a sign, another a cheerleader — merely reinforce that the Cardinals are lacking a recognizable face in 2008. And I do not like how the schedule was laid out.

"This is a rebuilding year for the Ball State poster schedule."


Oops Pow Surprise said...

I would like to submit one slight change to the poster:

Modified Poster

Thanks. That disembodied head didn't look right just sitting there.

Mike said...

i like it - kind of like a cloverfield meets the mac kind of poster

Anonymous said...

I believe that the reason the poster does not include notable players is because the coach does not like for the players to stand out. If you notice, none of the recent posters do this either. He seems to be about teamwork and celebrating the school. Also, this is a newly renovated field, probably why it is emphasized so much. Despite what anyone says about the poster, the team still managed an undefeated regular season.

Anonymous said...

And I'm pretty sure this was done carefully in InDesign.
the designer who produced this.