Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Strange Stuff Out of Lawrence

First came word that 61-year-old White Owl, Kansas' No. 1 fan, will get hitched to a 22-year-old former coed. Now this dispatch about a new seating plan at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas is selling open-air luxury seats behind the stadium's south end zone. For $2,500 a seat, you get a cushy leather recliner — located six feet off the ground and 10 yards behind the end zone — free food and drinks and flat-screen TVs to watch the replays.

And when the season ends, you can buy the recliner.

"We wanted to do something to add ambiance and excitement to the open end zone," associate athletic director for external affairs Jim Marchiony said.

The seats are considerably more expensive than what had been the most expensive nonsuite season tickets ($300), but already 50 of the 56 recliner seats have been sold.

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