Friday, May 09, 2008

Work Too Much? Stressed Out? Read This

We're happy to report that a blogging buddy of ours, Kevin Donahue, is on the road to recovery. On Sunday, April 27, Kevin began to have chest pains. What followed was a heart attack that nearly took his life. Had he not instinctively taken two aspirin, he likely would have died.

Kevin is only 34, but like many of us is a workaholic. "Hereditary, not enough time to exercise since we moved, and boo-coo stress at work ... the trifecta," as he puts it. Even at his young age, it's important to get checked by a cardiologist.

Kevin has blogged about his experience, an entry titled, "The day I almost died." It's must-read material. Please check it out.

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Michael L. Gooch, SPHR said...

Your doctor realizes that stress is a killer. A noxious work environment—at best—will leave you feeling rundown and anxiety-ridden. However, a negative work atmosphere can cause so much stress that you get sick. I don’t mean the mild forms of sick, such as a stomach bug or head cold. I mean real sick. I write about this in my new management book, Wingtips with Spurs. This is advice from grizzled vet with a history of four heart attacks. Michael L. Gooch, SPHR