Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Original Varsity Club

If you're a fan of The Ohio State University, The Varsity Club in Columbus is The Place to Be.

Founded in 1959, the two-story indoor and outdoor venue is located less than 500 yards from Ohio Stadium. The Varsity has considerable clout in the city. On game days, the bar has a permit to shut down a side street called Tuttle Park. Refrigerated beer trucks are brought in to serve as vendors to customers in the street.

"It's a beehive on game day, stuffed inside and outside. Fatcat alums mixed with poor underclassmen," writes the Midwest Correspondent.
A counter on the Varsity's website ticks down the seconds until the start of the season. Doors swing open for business at 9 a.m. on game days, unless Michigan is in town. Then the place opens at 8.

Not much is known about the Varsity's menu. This, after all, is a place to drink.

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Anonymous said...

The Varsity Club is without a doubt a monument. I frequent there every home game and it IS The Ohio State Bar but I can't help but to nominate Out-R-Inn for a better college atmosphere. B/c of the $5 price tag for a can of beer (they could charge twice that and I'd still go and so would everyone else by the way) over the years the VC has turned into the place for the old folks (over 25 with jobs - that would be me). As a "old person" at 35, when I want to relive the college days and hang out at a campus bar on game day, there is only one place to go - Out-R-Inn. One Block south of Lane on High it is only a 1/2 mile walk from the Stadium. The crowd is 98% college students. Run a search for Out-R-Inn for reviews.