Monday, May 19, 2008

Girls, Girls, Girls

Social networking sites have absolutely no redeeming value. You certainly don't want to waste time on the Wiz Facebook page and the new photo album, "Good Cheer." It's Monday and work is already piled up on the corner of your desk. So just move along.


insomniac said...

I love this site. I hit it up multiple times each day to see what great item you've managed to uncover that others have missed.

Having said that: those watermarks on the pictures are absolutely horrendous and have got to go (or at the very least be less obtrusive).

Are those photos that you have the copyright to anyway? If so, congrats on making it to all of those venues. I'm jealous.

dawizofodds said...

My apology for the watermarks. Yes, the photos come from the personal stash. :-)