Thursday, April 10, 2008

Woods Returns from Paralyzing Injury

Last July 13, Oklahoma State receiver Artrell Woods was working out with teammates in the Cowboy weight room.

After finishing a set of repetitions with 185 pounds on his shoulders, Woods walked over to set the weight back on the rack. But he lost his balance and fell to the floor.

The weight fell on him and teammates rushed to help Woods get to his feet.

"Immediately when they tried to help me, I knew something was seriously wrong," he said.

The weight had dislocated Woods' spine.

He was airlifted to an Oklahoma City hospital and underwent three hours of emergency surgery.

"At first, the doctors didn't think I would ever walk again, period," Woods said. "They weren't even thinking about me playing again. They were just trying to get me moving."

Woods spent 12 days in the hospital, walking on day 11. He was cleared to begin running in January. Now he's participating in a non-contact role in spring practice. He anticipates playing this fall.

"I’m ready to get going," Woods said. "I just want to get back on the field. I'm not even worried about getting hit. It's football, it happens."

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Well written and inspiring. Thanks, Wiz!