Sunday, April 13, 2008

Warning: Gruesome Injury

Tennessee fullback David Holbert suffered this violent injury to his left knee during the team's first scrimmage on March 29. According to the Tennessean, Holbert was attempting to catch a pass out of the backfield and was hit by linebacker Rico McCoy.

Last week, Holbert underwent the first of two surgical procedures to correct ligament damage. A second surgery is planned this summer.

Holbert missed all of the 2007 season after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee early in fall camp.

Alabama receiver Tyrone Prothro suffered a grisly compound fracture (click here to see that injury; again, this comes with a warning) of his left leg in a 2005 victory against Florida. The injury ended his playing career.


Conquest Chronicles said...

Thats looks like a knee dislocation and that is a BIG deal.

That looks like an ACL/PCL/MCL injury with some probable meniscus damage to the Posterior(back)/Lateral(outside) portion of the knee.

The bigger issue in this type of injury is the potential damage to the neuro-vascular structures, Particularly the Popliteal artery and the Peroneal nerve. thats the first thing they check for once the knee is reduced back into place.

What a shame for this kid...

greg6363 said...

For some reason, a still shot of this injury is not as painful to look at compared to a video.