Sunday, March 16, 2008

Handing Out Cheap Grades at Michigan?

Michigan linebacker Shawn Crable, the Wolverines' defensive captain last season, is among players named in the first of a four-part series by the Ann Arbor News that examines academic shortcuts given to athletes at the university.

Day one of the series centers on Michigan psychology professor John Hagen, who has taught at least 251 independent study classes to Michigan athletes from fall 2004 to fall 2007.

Athletes described being steered to Hagen's courses by athletic department academic counselors. They could earn three or four credits for meeting with Hagen for as little as 15 minutes every two weeks.

The seven-month investigation also examined transcripts from 29 athletes either currently enrolled or having left Michigan in the past three years. Thirty-two took graded courses from Hagen and averaged a grade-point average of 3.62 compared to an overall GPA of 2.57 in all other classes. No athlete received a grade worse than a B-minus from Hagen.

Even more embarrassing is that Michigan touts its psychology department as being the best in the nation. One member of the department calls Hagen's classes as "cheap academic credit."

Quarterback Chad Henne, receiver Mario Manningham and offensive lineman Jake Long were among other Wolverine players who have taken independent studies with Hagen.

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Anonymous said...

The old joke was not entirely wrong I guess -

How many Michigan football players does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Just one. And he gets 3 credits.

Anonymous said...

Guess Jim Harbaugh knew what he was talking about.