Monday, February 04, 2008

Old-Time Hockey

We once again venture down that slippery slope of an off-topic post.

North Dakota and Minnesota squared off Saturday night at Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis and the only thing missing were the Hanson Brothers. Viewers watching FSN's live broadcast were treated to an obscene gesture by Fighting Sioux coach Dave Hakstol in the second period and at the end of overtime, a huge fight broke out. The referees finally got control of the situation and this being hockey, the teams lined up for the postgame handshake. That's when the teams squared off again.

Update: Hakstol has been suspended for two games.


Anonymous said...

"I would have thought they would have dropped gloves and done something more manly than tug on a jersey."

That's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

This is great! College hockey is one of the most under rated sporting events in the country! Go Gophers!

Anonymous said...

Sioux suck? They take 3 points on your ice and push you around like a bunch of ladies. Rodents suck.