Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hart Could Face Charges

Although Wednesday was a day for top prep players from around the country to sign letters of intent, it also was a day for Kevin Hart to come clean about fabricating his recruitment by Division I-A schools. The Fernley (Nev.) offensive lineman admitted he lied about receiving scholarship offers.

Hart chose California over Oregon last Friday in a momentous announcement ceremony at the school gymnasium that had his father, Richard, holding back tears. Hart then exacerbated the situation by saying he and his family had been victims of a scam artist. (A list of some of Hart's quotes.) Lyon County Sheriff's officials say he could be charged with filing a false police report, but that decision will be left to the Lyon County district attorney.

A reporter from the Washington Post contacted Hart Wednesday night.

"I'm not ready to talk about anything," he said politely before hanging up the phone. "I feel like I've embarrassed enough people so I'm not going to comment. Thank you for your time."

It's the second time in 2008 that Fernley was in the national spotlight. In early January, a 30-foot section of the earthen Truckee Canal broke, flooding 3,000 residents.


Anonymous said...

graduation day cannot come fast enough for that dude.

Three N Out said...

Wow... you just have think about the thought process that gets you to that point.

It starts out innocent but eventually like all things you have tell another lie to keep the first on under wraps. Then another. And another.

He'd better go ahead and pull a "New Guy" and transfer w/ a name change

Anonymous said...

Unlike 15 minutes of fame in urbania, this will be remembered for at least 2 generations. He not only made a fool of hinslef, he embarrassed his family and his town. The question of the day is where was his coach -- he must be utterly naive!!