Friday, January 04, 2008

Morgantown's Fiesta

Never thought we'd say this, but West Virginia has better players than Oklahoma. The Mountaineers are the fastest team in the country and they blitzed the Sooners, 48-28, in the Fiesta Bowl. How West Virginia ever lost to Pittsburgh is one of the biggest mysteries of the season.

Perhaps if Bill Stewart, above, was the coach and not Rich Rodriguez, the Mountaineers would be playing in the Bowl Championship Series title game against Ohio State. Stewart is the coach now. In the early morning hours after the game, he agreed to take the job.
Rodriguez continues to get the finger from Mountaineer fans, but the mother of the new Michigan coach is telling West Virginia faithful to back off. Back in Morgantown, partying fans ignited only two couches. Have they simply run out? These images, including the crisp shot of Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, are once again courtesy of Image of Sport. If there is a better sports photography service out there, we have yet to see it. You can view the complete Fiesta Bowl gallery by clicking here.
Somehow the Mountaineer was able to get his .45-caliber rifle into University of Phoenix Stadium, no questions asked.
Pat White was his usual dazzling self, breaking away from Sooner safety Nic Harris in the second quarter. Even West Virginia fans didn't have much faith entering the game. Deep-pocket booster Ken Kendrick donated $1 million to the school to offset the cost of unsold seats.
Oklahoma fans were living the dream before kickoff, but now they are wondering if Bob Stoops has run out of magic. And we offer up a collection of front pages from the game.


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for your efforts.

John Radcliff said...

This post is too good to only get one comment! So there, now we have two.

Unknown said...

Sooners are back!!!!!!!How did West Virginia do this year? 8 and 4? The Meineke Bowl? Have fun fellas. We are playing for a National Championship. By the way, we are playing for the championship with a Heisman QB.