Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Bedlam in Oklahoma

The majority of Oklahoma fans wanting a ticket to the Sooners' game at rival Oklahoma State this fall are going to have to pay and pay dearly.

Oklahoma State officials announced they won't be sell individual tickets to the Nov. 29 Bedlam game outside of the normal 5,000 tickets allotted to the Sooner fans. To get in, fans will have to buy a season ticket to see the Cowboys, a cost of $294 for a seat in the west end zone. A seat along the sidelines increases to $419.

This was a plan hatched last year by Iowa State for its game against rival Iowa. It helped boost Cyclone season-ticket sales nearly 20%.

"When you saw what happened there, you think, 'Maybe that's something we should consider,' " Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder said.

As expected, the announcement has created a state of Bedlam.

Thanks to Image of Sport.


Three N Out said...

Because following Iowa States athletics is a good idea how?

Anonymous said...

georgia tech has been doing this to georgia for years. I don't see how this is news.

The off year that georgia tech didn't play georgia at home they scheduled notre dame and made their fans do the same thing

Unknown said...

Georgia Tech has actually not done this the past few years, it's been grouped with one or two lesser (read D-1AA) games. But it's not a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

UNC didn't do this to the Lame Cocks last year but the Lame Cocks went on and bouht season tickets none the less. what a bunch of losers!!

Anonymous said...

So if they sell the other 10 tickets for 30 bucks apiece they end with a profit?