Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Notre Dame Football Was Bad Theater

If Crewcut Charlie Weis wasn't under pressure in 2007, he certainly will be in 2008.

A stumbling and bumbling 3-9 season had a huge impact on NBC's ratings of Notre Dame telecasts.

All told, numbers were off 40% from last year and are now half of their 2005 levels. In fact, ratings for NBC's telecasts were half those of ABC's college football games.

The network pays $9 million a year to broadcast this nonsense and, according to Business Week, the downturn could affect the Fighting Irish's next TV deal. The current agreement ends in 2010. In other words, Weis needs to start winning and winning fast.

As Notre Dame losses piled up this fall, the network had to adjust its advertising pricing strategy, giving loads of free ads (known as make-goods) to companies like Allstate and Procter & Gamble to justify the $55,000-to-$80,000 rates for a 30-second ad it negotiated before the season started.

Thanks to Kevin of We Are Penn State.


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Recruits are bailing....... ND football is a has been program by every measure.

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I have word from a wealthy Notre Dame alumnus that some top people at Notre Dame have been doing some advanced planning to replace Charlie Weis. There was a mood early in the 2007 season that Weis would have 5 years no matter what, but that changed after the last game of the season. Supposedly, their goal is to have a top ten coaches list who are successful college football coaches (not high school nor pro). They have been in contact with a few alums to contribute for a buyout of Weis if needed. The real shocker is that Notre Dame is ready to pull the trigger on ousting Weis BEFORE the 2008 season IF one of the top three will bite. Otherwise they will wait until after the 2008 season to decide. Yep, you heard it here first.....50% chance Weis is gone before the 2008 season! They don't want a repeat of the Willingham, O'Leary and Meyer fiascos. Change in the Notre Dame football program will come sooner rather than latter...

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Why did Prince wait so long to transfer....he should have listened!!!!! Now if Clausen was smart he'd go too.