Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wyoming's Glenn Flips Off Whittingham

Joe Glenn, who guaranteed earlier in the week his team would beat Utah, was caught on camera offering an impolite salute to Kyle Whittingham after the Utah coach tried an onside kick with a 43-point lead in the third quarter.

Update: We now have a screen grab of Glenn flipping off Whittingham.


World of Isaac said...

thats hilarious

Anonymous said...

I understand his frustration. Although Utah was making up for the words spoken by Glenn, earlier in the week, an onside kick when you are up 43-0 is a pretty arrogant move.
Powder River Let 'er Buck!

Anonymous said...

I dont care what wyoming's coach said, winning by a margin of 40 points proves your point, done. Call the first string off and rest them for next week. I am discusted that Whittingham would go for an onside kick up 43-0, there is no excuse. STUPID