Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Profane Statement by Jayhawk Fans

Foolish us! We thought Kansas was a god-fearing state. Turns out Mangino Mania has sparked a new cheer of "Rip his f--king head off!" during kickoffs. Kansas officials are none too pleased.

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Unknown said...

Much ado about nothing. I am a long-time KU football fan (and masochist). My seats are directly across the field from the students. The first knowledge I had of this cheer was when I read about it in the paper after the fourth or fifth home game.

During the Nebraska game I asked my 8 year old son what they were yelling, and he couldn't tell me. But if enough media fools keep reporting on the chant it may become a tradition.

I am proud that the students did not rip down the goalposts. After all, we had only beaten a Big XII dormat, and no such celebration was needed.