Sunday, November 18, 2007

The $4 Million Apology

So Alabama, how do you feel now? Your state ranks 47th in education and not much better in football, despite spending $4 million on a coach, Nick Saban, who tries to explain how his team lost to Louisiana Monroe, 21-14.

And this isn't a particularly good Monroe team, entering Saturday's game with a 4-6 record that included a loss to North Texas, which — for the record — has only one victory. Cosmetically speaking, not good. Not good at all.

All that was left for Saban, in a defensive posture with his arms folded, was comparing this embarrassing loss to one he suffered at Louisiana State.


Unknown said...

Well, people will not like to hear what I say, but here it goes.

Considering we went 2-6 in the SEC last year, with those 2 wins coming by an average of 3 points against Ole Miss and Vandy, we're obviously better off than people want to admit.

For all of the good Saban's done, he has yet to fix the attitude problem left by the Shula camp. Coach Saban has not addressed this issue properly, and it has bitten him on the butt. Still, I think all of the people who don't like him now will see a turn around come 2009. I don't know why he talks discipline if he can't get his players to realize what it takes to win.

ULM didn't beat Alabama, I was at that game. Alabama beat themselves with stupid turnovers and no energy on the field whatsoever. Saban should certainly know that is not winning football by now.

Hubert said...

Did he say "Grand Valley" when he meant Appalachian?