Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Would Price Be Right for Washington State?

With Washington State expected to fire Bill Doba at the end of the season, who will be the next Cougar coach? It could well be an old Cougar coach.

Mike Price, who left in 2002 for Alabama then had his contract rescinded after Strippergate, has turned around Texas El Paso's fortunes and seems primed for a move back to the Northwest.

The possibility of Price returning to Pullman is a hot topic on Washington State message boards, writes Jim Moore of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. One popular rumor even has Doba staying on as defensive coordinator under Price.


Anonymous said...

WSU can't afford to fire Doba, thats the word out of Pullman.
Also some interest from Pullman in the guy at Boise State

Anonymous said...

Why would the guy from Boise want to go to Pullman? BSU has been to a BCS Bowl game and finished much higher than the Cougs recently.

Pullman is a tough place to recruit. I'm not even sure Price would come back. I could see him in AZ though.

Anonymous said...

Please, no Mike Price again. You can't recycle coaches. This would be a move that would set WSU football back 10 or more years. (See Bill Walsh and John Robinson and their sad returns to Stanford and USC, respectively.)