Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Classless Act Candidate

What is a classless act? Here's a prime example, as Georgia players storm the field after the Bulldogs scored their first touchdown last Saturday against Florida. On Monday, Georgia's Mark Richt issued a letter of apology for the excessive celebration. Let's hope this act doesn't open a can of worms and we begin a round of copycat crimes in the coming weeks as coaches try any tactic to get their players energized. Thanks to Deep South Sports.

We're on the hunt for other classless acts for our season-ending poll. To give you an idea what we are looking for, here is the link to last season's most degrading behavior. (Last year's runaway winner was the Florida International-Miami brawl, moderated by Lamar Thomas.)

Most important, this is an opportunity to get a dig on your rivals and possibly destabilize them, which, frankly, is never a bad idea. Our address: dawizofodds (at) aol.com.


Anonymous said...

Don't think what Georgia did was in the category of classless. Urban Meyer probably wishes he had thought of it first.

Anyway, you want classless? Look at the chop block Auburn put on LSU's Glen Dorsey. Now, that's what you call classless.

Anonymous said...

it's not classless bc the intent wasn't to taunt. it was to set the tone. yes, it could've gotten out of hand and started a fight. that's why richt apologized, but the intent was pure.

Brady said...

Pure NFL-esque Nonsense!!

No need for that crap in college football! What kind of coach says yes it's Acceptable to be penalized. what's next a late hit to rouse the crowd and fire up a team as the player is carted off the field??

Don't get me wrong, glad georgia won, but that was classless, especially on the first score of the game. Plenty of time for that after they win!

Anonymous said...


HAHA...yeah right, there's no room for passion and excitement in college football. leave that for baseball. it's called gamesmanship and perfectly acceptable. late hits are cheating and not acceptable. that's apples vs oranges.

and you're right guy...meyer does wish he thought of it first. the look on his face was priceless. then he goes and tries to get the team to jump around and match UGA's intensity.

Anonymous said...

Big surprise that this occurred in an SEC game.

Anonymous said...

no kidding, since they play better football down there.

Anonymous said...

The Dorsey hit and video have already been recorded on the site. It falls under another category "Cheapest Shots of the Year," which is linked on the right-hand side of the blog. Classless Acts is a different category.

We are expected to have a Cheap Shot candidate from the Georgia-Florida game to post on Wednesday.

Again, each of these categories will be put up for a vote at the end of the season, so if you don't necessarily agree with something, you will have a say in the end.