Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sticking It In Forbidden at Virginia Tech

No longer will they be allowed to "Stick It In" at Virginia Tech.

Around 1995, the school's marching band came up with a tune titled "Stick It In" to be used when the Hokies would near the goal line. Fans chant "oh-ohhh, oh-ohhh" to the band's drum beat followed by "stick it in, stick it in, stick it in" when the drums stop. The tune has grown in popularity and fans even wear "Stick It In" T-shirts to games.

But athletic director Jim Weaver has told band director David McKee that the "Stick It In" tune could no longer be used.

Weaver wasn't commenting, but spokesman Larry Hincker said the university fully supports the athletic director's decision.

"I have seen many pieces of correspondence over the years from people saying it was disgusting and revolting," Hincker said of the chant and the sexual gyrations that accompany it.

Weaver earlier told the band to stop playing the song "Na Na Hey Hey [Kiss Him Goodbye]" during the final moments of a victory because the athletic department deemed the lyrics disrespectful.

Weaver's latest move won't go unchallenged, according to the Roanoke Times. More than 3,500 people had joined a Facebook group to salvage the chant. A possible protest is in the works for Monday.

"The thing is, it's a college football game. It's not disrespecting the other team or fans in any way," band member Greg Bringhurst said.


gerry dorsey said...

and the pussification of america continues.

Stuart P. said...

Similar stuff has happened here at NC State. First, the band was told to stop playing the "Rock and Roll (Hey Cheer)" because the students would yell "You suck!" to the other team, then the sh^& hit the fan when the tailgate shooting happened, and now tailgating has been cut back, Thought Police...errr "Tailgate Ambassadors" roam the lots making sure everybody is being nice, and the security students have to go through to get in the stadium puts the TSA and Secret Service to shame. So us Wolfpackers feel you frustration Hokies.

Brady said...

What the hell was wrong with that cheer, I thought it was pretty sweet and original!


Grover said...

That cheer originated as a UCLA Delta Gamma sorority cheer.

Anonymous said...

We feel your pain. Our cheerleaders can't even wear "Go Cocks!" bloomers anymore.