Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Any Truth to the Andrews-Bielema Rumors?

Erin Andrews and Bret Bielema. Type the names into a Google search and all kinds of stuff pops up, including suggestions that the ESPN sideline reporter and the Wisconsin coach have been dating.

A column by Adam Mertz of the Capital Times suggests there is nothing to all the chatter. Writes Mertz:

"And earlier this week, [Bielema] even slipped in subtly that the most eligible bachelor in Madison is at least a little less eligible, noting that his 'girlfriend' [collective gasp from the Erin Andrews fan club] is an English teacher [collective groan from the Erin Andrews fan club].

"Think we don't get calls about this stuff?"

Bielema, is 13-1 as Badgers coach, but we really don't care about that, do we? Let's get to the important stuff.

Last spring, Andrews was voted one of Florida's 2007 Outstanding Young Alumni and gave a pep talk to College of Journalism and Communications students. You can watch a webcast of Andrews' talk by clicking here. The video is over an hour long, so just accept the fact you will not get any work done today if you decide to watch it.

Thanks to Gary at Steroid Nation for his invaluable help and the great TV Tan Line for yet another incredible image of Andrews.

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