Wednesday, August 08, 2007

At Times, Life Can Be a Drag for McFadden

Arkansas' Darren McFadden is — shall we say — an interesting fella. In June, Kelly Whiteside of USA Today reported that the Razorback running back used to wear dresses to Oak Grove High in North Little Rock. A trusted source in the Razorback State sent along this beaut of McFadden with three of his Oak Grove classmates.

As the story goes, McFadden would raid his grandmother’s closet and wear the most hideous looking outfits he could find to school.

“He has the ugliest legs ever,” said Leecie Henson, a teacher at Oak Grove. “He would wear these dresses with tennis shoes, and after a while the teachers would get used to it. He just loves to make people laugh.”

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Anonymous said...

It would be easier to goof on the guy if he wasn't standing next to two hot chicks (and the obligatory grenade) and if you could outrun him. But since he could probably beat me down before I could get out of this chair... Well played, Sir. That's a nice dress you've got there.

Anonymous said...

which one is the grenade?? they all look to be of similar levels of hotness to me.

Anonymous said...

are you guys kiddin me? hop off his sack for a minute and recognize who will be accepting the award in NY...Steve Slaton

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Slaton is gonna demolish those vaunted Big East defenses. What an accomplishment. Compare the number of defensive players McFadden runs over and around that get drafted to Slaton. Good point man.