Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hodin Takes Stand, Defends Decisions

They continue to grind away at Crewcut Charlie Weis' malpractice lawsuit against Massachusetts General Hospital doctors Charles Ferguson and Richard Hodin, with the case expected to go to the jury this week.

Hodin, right, was on the stand Monday. He was entrusted with Weis' post-operative care after the gastric bypass surgery by Ferguson.

Hodin's decisions were criticized earlier by San Diego surgeon Alan Wittgrove, who said Hodin should not have administered the blood-thinning drug Heparin while Weis was hemorrhaging. Hodin eventually performed a second surgery to stop the bleeding.

The trail continues to draw interest outside of college football. David Frank of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly used Weis' retrial to examine who might have the upper hand the second time around and why many attorneys dislike a second trial.

"It's a worse-case scenario to have to do it again because, from a trial lawyer's point of view, it's really hard to bring the same amount of mojo to a second trial as it is to a first," said Thomas Peisch of Boston, a member of the Massachusetts Defense Lawyers Association. "Whether people admit it or not, it's hard to get as pumped up and ready to go for the second trial."

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Anonymous said...

As expected, there was no negligence based on a violation of the standard of care, regardless of any causation.

This concludes the matter...the fat lady, er man, has sung.