Friday, June 01, 2007

Who the Heck is Adarius Bowman?

If you've never heard of Oklahoma State receiver Adarius Bowman, all that is about to change. At least Oklahoma State hopes it will change. A website has been created to promote Brown for postseason honors, including the Heisman, Maxwell, Walter Camp and Biletnikoff awards. The site includes a profile, video, photos and a link to coach Mike Gundy's site. Thanks to the Midwest Correspondent.


tallynolefan said...

I don't these kind of self promotion sites work. To Bobby Bowden's credit, he has never done that for anyone, not even the Heisman trophy winners.

Anonymous said...

Nice website.... but if your going to promote Bowman for every award in the world, how about Weed smoker of the Year since this is the reason he was kicked off the UNC football team. Also, why is it that Oklahoma State seems to be the haven for all of the UNC rejects? (i.e. JamesOn Curry - not admitted to UNC due to marijuana related charges)

Anonymous said...

OSU dont care if they have done something bad they just dont reject them they take them in and help them change their lives (i.e Jameson Curry Adarius Bowman) and make them players good enough to go to pro. and no we also go John Lucas from Baylor therefore we dont always get UNC players.