Thursday, June 14, 2007

Report: Big 12 Commish Headed to Big Ten

Anybody discounting the impact of the Big Ten Network take note: Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg, who at one point was voted the fourth most influential person in college athletics, is resigning to take a job with the Big Ten Network, according to a report by Kevin Kietzman of Kansas City's Sports Radio 810 WHB.

Imagine that, a commissioner of a Bowl Championship Series conference stepping down to take a less-glamorous position with a BCS rival. Weiberg is likely getting a substantial boost in pay, and if you're in the Big 12 — or any other BCS conference — you have to be concerned with the money and influence the Big Ten is throwing around.

As they say, money talks, and the Big Ten is rolling in it.

Thanks to Jeremie at AM 1430 The Buzz, Tulsa's Sports Authority.

Update: Story now confirmed. Weiberg will become the vice president of university planning and development for the Big Ten Network. Here is the link from the Kansas City Star.

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