Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In Gainesville, What Price Victory?

If you're a defense attorney, consider Gainesville. It has quickly become the king of college football crime, reports Dave Curtis of the Orlando Sentinel. No fewer than seven Florida football players have dealt with legal issues since the Jan. 8 national title victory.

The latest arrest came on Monday night, when tailback and punt returner Brandon James and basketball player Brandon Powell were arrested on felony charges of purchasing and possessing eight grams of marijuana.

It's easy to see why our friends at Loser With Socks have been having so much fun with Photoshop this offseason. We displayed one of their efforts with this post.

A staggering police blotter breakdown of other incidents involving Gator players:

In April, guard Ronnie Wilson was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor for an incident involving a gun in a parking lot near campus.

In May, safety Dorian Munroe incurred a felony theft charge when he removed a university police department boot from his car and put it in his trunk.

Cornerback Jacques Rickerson (possession of marijuana), linebacker Dustin Doe (public brawling) and safety John Curtis (probation violation) have faced misdemeanor charges. Rickerson's case was resolved without legal punishment and charges against Doe were dismissed.

In April, safety Jamar Hornsby had a complaint filed against him after he allegedly tossed a man onto the hood of a woman's car.

And coach Urban Meyer's players have had troubles before this offseason. In February 20o6, receiver Kenneth Tookes fired a gun into an occupied apartment in front of receiver Andre Caldwell, cornerback Reggie Lewis and cornerback Dee Webb.

Starting defensive tackle Marcus Thomas was dismissed from the team last season after three failed drug tests. Receiver Louis Murphy also found trouble for possession of marijuana.

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Anonymous said...

As if the Florida football boosters care? And why should they, Miles Brand could care less if felons are on the roster so long as the TV ratings are good.