Thursday, June 21, 2007

Did Andrews Perform Clausen Surgery?

Did famed orthopedic surgeon James Andrews of Birmingham perform surgery June 5 on the right (throwing) elbow of Notre Dame freshman quarterback Jimmy Clausen? An eagle-eyed tipster to Blue-Gray Sky may have uncovered this gem while perusing a June 11 story about Andrews in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The piece, written by Steve Hummer, details some of the 15 surgeries on Andrews' schedule that day:

"Included on the schedule this day was a 47-year-old attorney who had blown out his shoulder during an amateur baseball tournament. There was an incoming freshman quarterback who needed a quick elbow repair in time for the start of next season. And a 14-year-old pitcher from Florida who already had blown out his elbow and was facing a Tommy John transplant far too soon in life."

Given the hype surrounding Clausen and his potential, it is certainly understandable that the quarterback would be sent to Andrews, regarded by many as the best in the business.

Blue-Gray Sky also makes this interesting observation: "It also possibly answers the question as to why it took so long to get the surgery done — the article says the work was done on June 5th — as I'm sure Dr. Andrews' appointment book is rather booked."

The site Log's Blog first reported Clausen's surgery on June 12th. Then Notre Dame, after hiding the fact Clausen had surgery, acknowledged that the quarterback had "procedure" on an elbow, although it did not specify which elbow it was.

Our thanks to Image of Sport.

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