Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Billboard's Best: Your Turn to Vote

This foolishness started a month ago when we asked readers to make something out of nothing. It was called the great billboard competition and seemed simple enough: Fill a blank billboard with a message of choice. The response was overwhelming, including an 11th-hour entry from Ty of Loser With Socks titled Hawg Wireless. We thank everybody for participating, and now it's your turn. A panel of experts has narrowed the list to 14 billboards, and you get one precious vote to decide billboard's best. To get a detailed look at a billboard, simply click it.

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Billboard of the Year:
Hawg Wireless Cheap Trick Bowden Manure Service Know Your Forks College Statiowned Speak of the Devil Saw 'Em Off Money and Grades Urine for Trouble The Great Sabanini Sooner or Later Good Seats Available Phil Fulmer's Flock Piss-Poor Jokes

Hawg Wireless
Cheap Trick
Bowden Manure Service
Know Your Forks
College StatiownedSpeak of the Devil
Saw 'Em OffMoney and Grades
Urine for TroubleThe Great Sabanini
Sooner or LaterGood Seats AvailablePhil Fulmer's FlockPiss-Poor JokesPrevious Polls:
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The Big Picture said...

all brilliant, but i had to go with Cheap Trick. very creative.

tallynolefan said...

Some very clever billboards. Surprised that there was not one for FSU.

Erik Tylczak said...

I'm shocked that Cheap Trick is doing so well. I hope I'm the only one interpreting it as a knock on Boise State's program quality - discounting on-the-field actions as "cheap tricks" is below even what I expect from some of the more Walmart-y fanbases in the sport.