Monday, April 09, 2007

This Man Is Not to Be Trifled With

One look at linebacker Rey Maualuga tells you this is one nasty, nasty player. USC held its spring game Saturday, and Maualuga was buzzing around the L.A. Coliseum tattooing ball carrier after ball carrier. With talent like this — along with the new crop of Song Girls — it's easy to see why the Trojans are expect nothing less than a national title this fall.
Quarterback John David Booty was sharp, completing 15 of 17 passes for two touchdowns, including this toss to Patrick Turner. Coach Pete Carroll can be seen trailing the play.You never know what delights might spring up at a USC game. Example: the photo to the right. ... Former USC running backs were also in abundance. That's Petros Papadakis, below left, who is a radio personality at KLAC and a TV analyst for Fox Sports. Anthony Davis, below right, scored six touchdowns in the 1974 game against Notre Dame. He's a real estate developer who underwent gastric bypass surgery in March 2006. Unlike Crewcut Charlie Weis, Davis' surgery appears to have been a success.

Charles White, below left in the second set of photos, was the 1979 Heisman Trophy winner for USC. Future Trojan running back Mark Tyler was spotted talking to a reporter. He is the son of former UCLA running back Wendell Tyler. And Arkansas fans take note: Mitch Mustain, your former quarterback, also was in attendance. This was Mustain's second visit to USC and it's all but a lock that he will become a Trojan.
Beefy defensive tackle Averell Spicer, below, spent considerable time signing autographs. Check out the large "SC" tattoo on his right bicep. Fans also lined up outside the Coliseum to get autographs, and Booty, bottom photo, was among the most popular players.
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Jack Napier/The Joker said...

Stop the press, who is that? THAT WOMAN has style!!

Anonymous said...

In addition to being one "nasty dude" another reason not to mess with Rey Maualuga is that he apparently "owns the police."