Friday, April 27, 2007

Six Penn State Players Face Felony Charges

Felony charges have been filed against six Penn State players in connection with an April 1 on-campus assault. Among the players charged were Anthony Scirrotto, top left, a safety who led the Big Ten in interceptions last season, and Justin King, below left, a second-team all-Big Ten cornerback. Also charged were defensive tackle Chris Baker, top middle, linebacker Jerome Hayes, top right, linebacker Tyrell Sales, bottom middle, and cornerback Lydell Sargeant, bottom right. All of the players are juniors. Scirrotto, who faces the most serious charges, had his bail set at $50,000. The other players had bail of $10,000.
Police say the men forced their way into an apartment and attacked several people attending a party, including one individual who tried to break up the altercation and was knocked unconscious after being hit in the head with a beer bottle. While unconscious, police say the man was repeatedly punched in the head. Police say subpoenas will be issued to as many as 20 players in the incident. State College Police press release.

A statement issued by coach Joe Paterno indicated the players will not be disciplined at this time. The coaching staff "will determine the appropriate consequence for each player's status on the team when due process has transpired. Until such time, we will have no further comment regarding the situation."

Thanks to Kevin of We Are Penn State for his help.

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At least it was a multi-culti beating.