Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mustain Filed Request for Information

It appears everybody is getting into the Freedom of Information Act in Arkansas. Among those filing requests were former Razorback quarterback Mitch Mustain. The story that appears in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

The paper filed a request last week seeking disclosure of all FOI requests since Nov. 1 and Mustain's name turned up. "In his March 14 FOI request, Mustain asked for all cell-phone and office-phone records for Houston Nutt and his secretary-assistant and the same set of records for Danny Nutt, Athletic Director Frank Broyles and Broyles ’ secretary-assistant. Mustain’s letter includes this sentence: 'I hereby authorize the University of Arkansas to release the requested information to Beckwith M. Campbell.' Campbell is Mustain’s mother."

Campbell told the paper: “Our request for information was confined to specific records and documents related to our personal experiences with the football program."

Fort Smith news anchor Donna Bragg, whose frequent contact with Houston Nutt has been at the center of the recent flareup between pro-Nutt and anti-Nutt camps, issued her first comments about her relationship with the coach.

"We have not had an inappropriate relationship. We are friends. I am also friends with Diana Nutt. Clearly, my communication with Houston is being used as a weapon by people who want him to be fired. The lies regarding our contact are vast, slanderous and painful. Houston Nutt and I are friends. Period."


Anonymous said...

Stay AWAY FROM USC! I hope he doesn't settle in LA.

Anonymous said...

Those delusional fans are one thing in Fayetteville. It quite another story when the QB and his momma files to obtain records on a coach.

Mustain, you are a cancer and Becky, you are the biggest gravy train Arkansas has ever seen.