Friday, April 20, 2007

Join Our International Radio Audience

It has been so busy this week that we almost forgot to plug the radio show. Yes, tune in Friday night/Saturday morning to "Sports Overnight America" on the Sports Byline USA Radio Network beginning at 11:40 (Pacific). Honestly, there's nothing else to do at that hour except drink or sleep, and where do those activities take you? One is expensive and gives you a hangover and the other is simply boring, so you might as well do something constructive with that time and listen to the show. Give us a call at 800-878-7529.

You can hear "Sports Overnight America" over the Internet at Just click on "Listen Live." Or the show is available in 177 countries and U.S. territories via the American Forces Network. Terrestrial radio is your last option. A list of Sports Byline affiliates is available by clicking here. If the affiliate isn't carrying the show, call the station manager and tell him you want us on. We'd appreciate it!

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