Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Welcome to College Football Tour Guide

Meet Dan, who is living every man's dream. Last season, he traveled the Pacific 10 from his home base in L.A., meeting people, eating their food, going to games and slowly draining his bank account. You only live once, right?

Dan also kept a video chronology of his adventures.

"I did the Pac-10 this season because it was the easiest to do geographically from L.A., and also because it seems like the Pac-10 isn’t as represented as it probably should be, as far as gameday atmosphere is concerned," he writes on his website, College Football Tour Guide.com.

"That said, what I really want to do is film a southern tour of schools and hit the Big Ten. While the West Coast is better than I would’ve imagined, I’m pretty sure some good footage would come out of the South, where it is, by all accounts, insane."

The video we feature is a compilation of his journeys, but here are links to each of his seven trips: Arizona State, California, USC, Arizona, UCLA, Oregon and Stanford.

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