Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back in Black

How would you like to take this big rig for a spin around the block? Texas Tech is in it for the long haul with this beauty, sent to us by John, Melody and Mabry. A larger image is available by clicking here.

Reader James also emailed and said that Ohio State, not Nebraska, was the first team to use a big rig to transport gear, starting the practice in 1982 for the Buckeyes' appearance in the Holiday Bowl. And he adds, "I can remember seeing rigs with Michigan, Iowa, Penn State and other big schools dropping off equipment at [Ohio Stadium]. I graduated in 1995, so all of these would predate the 1996 Husker truck."

Previous featured rigs: Nebraska, Alabama, Ohio State, Texas A&M and Penn State, Michigan, Iowa and California.


Greg said...

As a Red Raider alum, this is sweet.

Howard Stern said...

Now THAT is a bitchin' truck...