Monday, February 26, 2007

Site Says Leak Scored 8 on Wonderlic

A site run by Mac Mirabile is reporting that quarterback Chris Leak, who guided Florida to the national championship, has scored an 8 on the Wonderlic test, which is given to NFL prospects. You might recall that Texas quarterback Vince Young reportedly scored a 6 last year, so if this information on Leak is accurate, it's the second year in a row that the quarterback from the national championship team has scored in single digits. A perfect score is 50, and only one out of 100,000 people ace it. The average score for a player at the combine is 19, and the average score for the man on the street is 21. A score under 10 is an indication of literacy problems. Former Iowa State running back Darren Davis reportedly has the lowest score for an NFL prospect, a 4. As for the accuracy of the information, it is debatable. Mirabile even notes on his site that his "results represent research and generally come from reliable sources, i.e., notes from NFL sources, newspaper articles. It is important to understand that scores cannot be 'verified' since they are not released by the NFL, but rather leaked by teams or scouts." After Young's reported score was leaked (later reports say he was given the test a second time and scored 16), the NFL made changes to prevent it from happening again. And does the Wonderlic even matter? Anybody who watched Young play last year for the Tennessee Titans would say no. Thanks to Loser With Socks.
Update: Leak's score is now blank on Mirabile's site. Thanks to reader Greg for pointing that out in the comments.


OC Domer said...

Where is Jamarcus Russell's score?

The Big Picture said...

drew stanton may be smart, but he still ran "THE OPTION IN HURRICANE KATRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"