Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hawaii Makes Most of Its Resources

Our latest goodie from Map Game Day. The state most efficient in producing Division I-A recruits this year in relation to population is Hawaii. According to the 2000 census, Hawaii has a population of 1,211,537, and out of that came 34 players. That breaks down to one Division I-A player for every 35,633 residents. Other states, including heavyweights Texas (389 players), Florida (325) and California (320) produce more players, but they have a much greater population base. California didn't even make our chart of the top 15 states, finishing out of the money at 17th. According to Richard at Map Game Day, four states failed to produce a I-A recruit: North Dakota, South Dakota. Rhode Island and Vermont. The complete state-by-state list can be viewed by clicking here. And you can click on the chart for a closer look.

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